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What a brilliant 2 days! It was great to see you at The ESA-sponsored workshop which was open to anyone actively involved or interested in Sea Surface Temperature (SST) science, satellite validation and the use of in situ radiometers.  This year we had over 65 attendees both online and in person.    

Workshop aim:

  • bring together scientific and operational users and producers of in situ radiometer SST data to review progress, achievements and potential developments within the radiometer community.
  • present and discuss ship-borne satellite SST validation activities and results within the community,
  • explore and encourage data use,
  • explore instrument uses and designs,
  • to share the findings of the partners in the ISFRN service,
  • and to help develop future priorities.

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Book of Abstracts 

Presentations Day 1 Presentations Day 2
Session 1: 25 Years of UK shipborne radiometers, Dr Craig Donlon, ESA Session 6.1: ISAR Australia, Nicole Morgan, CSIRO, Australia
Session 2.1: ISAR UK, Dr Werenfrid Wimmer, UoS, UK Session 6.2: ISAR China, Dr Minglun Yang, Oceans University, China            
Session 2.2: M-AERI and radiometers on saildrones Prof Peter Minnett, UOS, UK Session 6.3: ISAR Denmark, Dr Guisella Gacitúa, DMI, Denmark
Session 2.3: SST skin temp, Dr Andy Jessup, university of Washington, USA Session 6.4: SISTeR, Dr Tim Nightingale, STFC,UK
Session 3.1: CEOS TIR rad comp, Yoshiro Yamada, NPL, UK Session 7: ISAR Korea, Prof Kyung-Ae, Seoul National Uni, Korea
Session 3.2: The TRUSTED Project, Dr Marc Lucas, CLS, France Session 8: Uncertainty, Dr Werenfrid Wimmer
Session 3.3: ASTeRN, Dr Dave Smith, STFC,UK Session 9.1: Validate SLSTR, Dr Werenfrid Wimmer, UoS, UK
Session 4.1: M-AERI Validation, Prof Peter Minnett Session 9.2: Comp radio and insitu, Dr Gary Corlett, Eumestat, Germany
Session 4.2: SST data for Carbon, Prof Jamie Shutler, UoE, UK Session 9.3: Validation ESA SST with MET SIRDS, Dr Owen Embury, UoR               
Session 5.1: Data Archive, Dr Werenfrid Wimmer, UoS, UK  
Session 5.2: TIRCALNet, Dr Steffen Dransfeld, ESA  


This year we also celebrated our 25 Year Anniversary of ISAR operations with a special meal in Southampton after the first day of the workshop.  Thank you to everyone who came it was a very special and fun evening.


The project would like to thank and acknowledge the substantial contribution of all the presenters and their funding agencies in support of this workshop.

Thank you for attending the 2024 ISFRN workshop, keep in touch @ships4sst

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