ISAR - Bay of Biscay

The current position of the ISAR deployed on the Pont Aven is shown on the ISAR web site.

A history of deployments of the ISAR instruments in the Bay of Biscay can be seen in the schedule of campaign activities. The spreadsheet also includes plans for future deployments.

Figure 1: The ISAR track from July 2004 to August 2017 overlaid with skin SST in Kelvin


ISAR - North Sea

The route of the ISAR deployed on the passenger ferry M/S Norröna is shown here.

Deployments of the ISAR instrument operated by DMI can be seen in the DMI part of the schedule of campaign activities.

Figure 2: The yellow line shows the route of the passenger ferry M/S Norröna, operating between Denmark, Icelant and the Faroe Islands


SISTeR - North Atlantic / World Cruise

The current position of the SISTeR instrument deployed on the Queen Mary 2 is shown here.

Deployments of the SISTeR instrument operated by RAL Space can be seen in the RAL part of the schedule of campaign activities.

Figure 3: SSTs from the SISTeR "round the world" cruise on the Queen Mary 2, January 2017 to May 2017



Each set of instruments is provided with spare parts that can be installed when necessary, between deployments on the ship.

Real-time data from the instruments is provided via the ships' communication satellite links.

The logistics of instrument installation is similar across instruments. The ship must approve the installation and clearance for accessing the port. Then, in general, after completing the pre-deployment checks and calibration, the instrument is configured for deployment and put in a box that is suitable for transport. Once the box has been security checked (for port and ship), it is transported, with mounting and safety gear, to the installation location. The instrument is then attached to the mounting bracket and connected to the electrical and data cables. Recovering an instrument from a ship is the reverse process, i.e. transport off the ship, sign out from the ship and port, drive back to the lab and do a post deployment calibration.


The risks associated with these deployments are summarised in the Campaign Actions and Risk Log (CARL).