Software tools for data processing can be found in this section. Some of the tools are instrument-specific and will not work on all instruments.

Processing Software

The software used in the course of the ships4SST project includes:

  • Software to process the measurement data acquired by the radiometers into SSTs.
  • Felyx software to generate match-ups with satellite (SLSTR) SSTs
  • Software to generate statistics for each deployment and validate the SLSTR SST product.

The Felyx tool is used by the radiometer operators to identify satellite match-ups from navigation information in the satellite and in situ SST products. A Felyx instance is installed at Ifremer, and an interface has been written for the L2R in situ SST product. The ISFRN will deploy a tool using the Felyx interface to calculate stratified match-up statistics following current best practise (W. Wimmer et al., 2016). 

Instrument specific tools